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Dr. Ken SAFE School Events And Assemblies

Dr. Ken's SAFE School Events And Assemblies Are Ideal For Students, Teachers, and Parents


For Years Dr. Ken's SAFE School Events And Assemblies Have Been Helping Young Audiences Unlock The Power Of Their Minds To Release Their Own Personal Greatness

Dr. Ken's SAFE School Events And Assemblies Can

Support Your School In These Four Areas:

Dr. Ken Can Improve Your


Dr. Ken is known in the K-12 education world as an author, school assembly presenter and entertainer who specializes in teaching students how to improve their study habits, and to achieve higher grades and test scores.

Dr. Ken Can Energize Your


Dr. Ken’s student assembly programs

are interactive, educational, inspirational, and entertaining because students take specific actions during the programs that result

in immediate and meaningful takeaways.

Dr. Ken Can Jumpstart Your


Dr. Ken’s all-inclusive fundraising system allows your school to host an exciting student/family fundraising event created specifically for student and family audiences, allowing your school to generate fantastic profits in a positive creative way.

Dr. Ken Is A Great Source Of


Dr. Ken loves student audiences and thoroughlyenjoys working with the student mind using appropriate content created specifically for students of all ages. Dr. Ken is a master of mind science educational 


Dr. Ken's SAFE School Events And Assemblies Are Filled With Learning Moments Presented In A Fun,Interactive, 

And Engaging Way

Recent Footage of Dr. Ken During

One Of His Student Mind Science Shows

Learn techniques that improve study habits, memory, and learning abilities for student at all levels

Build good character and learn the true meaning of being a good citizen

Tap into your personal power and find the self-confidence, hidden talent, and clarity that leads to personal satisfaction